Donating to Kingsway

If you are interested in contributing financially to the ministries of the church there are several ways you can do this:

1) Offering Envelopes:  The first way is by giving in our regular Sunday offerings.  If you would like a box of tithing envelopes you can contact our church office by email or by phone at 902-678-3455.

2) Interac E-Transfer: You may transfer money to us via your online banking account as follows:

Submit payment directly into our church bank account via an Interac bank transfer. Please send your Interac bank transfer to Your donation will be confirmed via email once your payment has been received.

Here is the Interac Process:
1. Log in to your Online Banking and Select the Interac eTransfer option.
2. Add new recipient: (step 2, 3 & 4 should only need to be done once.)
3. Name: Kingsway Assembly.
4. Email Address:
5. Message to Recipient: Simply indicate if it is designated as tithes, building, youth, kids, missions, benevolent or other and if you have an offering envelope number include that as well).

*Please note that a security question and password are no longer required as we have auto-deposit set up for our account.

After you submit this transfer of funds, you may be charged a small fee by your bank (many banking packages allow for free e-transfers) and our treasurer will receive an email from Interac. The donation will be automatically deposited into our bank account and you will receive confirmation that we have received the money.

3) Donate Online: 

Click Here To Give

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Thanks for supporting Kingsway!