About Membership

Some churches make membership a voluntary process of allowing people to make a formal commitment to their church while other churches are unconcerned about formal membership.  At Kingsway Assembly, we believe in providing people the opportunity to become members of our church. We want people to have an understanding of what membership means as well as what non-membership means.

So what is Church Membership?

First, let’s begin with a spiritual discussion of membership in a local Church. Membership is not about being more spiritual or a better Christian than someone who chooses not to join. While we encourage people to consider applying for membership, it is totally a voluntary option. We have members and non-members worshiping together and one is probably not aware of the status of the other.

  • Membership does not make your salvation more secure. Your salvation was made secure when you accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour into your heart.
  • Membership in Kingsway Assembly does not make you more acceptable and loved by God, the pastors, the Church leaders, or the balance of the members of this church. Everyone is loved and accepted equally by God and this Church.

The Local Church versus the Universal Church

Biblical and theological languages make reference to the church in both a “universal” and a “local” sense. Reference in a “universal” sense is a broad reference to the family of God. It is a status bestowed on all believers across all times and places throughout the world because of our salvation and the privilege to be called children of God. God commands us to assemble together with other believers to worship the Lord, to serve Him, and to encourage each other (Hebrews 10:24, 25). The assembly of Christians is known in Scriptures as a “congregation” or the “local church.”

The Pentecostal “Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths” defines the local church as follows: “The local church is a body of believers in Christ who have joined together to function as a part of the universal church. The local church is ordained by God and provides a context in which believers corporately worship God, observe the ordinances of the church, are instructed in the faith and are equipped for the evangelization of the world.”

Defining Kingsway Assembly Membership
Membership is required for participation in all business matters of the Church as well as involvement in many ministry areas of the Church.

Though not a requirement, membership is encouraged because it ensures that those involved in ministry development and leadership adhere to a common foundation of fundamental and essential truths and practices that enable the good news of Christ to be presented through a strong, consistent, biblically-based lifestyle and ministry. Our fellowship as a church involves a sharing of responsibilities and commitments in living a Christ-like life through obedience to God’s word and holy living, participating in church life through our giftings and abilities, supporting the work of the church through our attendance, worship, prayer, time, and the consistent giving of tithes and offerings.

We have two levels of membership; regular members who are persons 18 years and over and junior members who are persons between the ages of 12 and 18 years who do not vote. 

How do I become a member at Kingsway Assembly?

Membership is not to be taken lightly yet we want it to be an accessible and straight-forward process. It should be considered prayerfully as it will represent your statement of accountability and of commitment to Kingsway Assembly.

If you are interested, you can apply online through the link below. You can also discuss membership with the Senior Pastor who will explain it further, and help answer any questions you may have.

Membership Application