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Jesus said we should occupy until He fulfills His promise to return for His own. During “The World Of The End” we are told to prepare, as taken from Jesus Olivet discourse in the Gospels:

  • In a world of deception BE HONEST
  • in a world of war, BE CALM
  • In a world of disaster, BE CONFIDENT
  • In a world of betrayal, BE FAITHFUL
  • In a world of lawlessness, BE KIND
  • In a world of bad news, BE GOOD NEWS
  • In a world of persecution, BE PREPARED


Can we hear the voice of Jesus say, our manner of living will be the answer, not frightened and frazzled but rather by God’s strength and integrity, I WILL BE THE ANSWER?  Shall we pray too, BE THE ANSWER? YES, I THINK SO!

Therefore I would like to invite those who have not been involved in a Home Group last semester or perhaps never have been involved to Join this Kingsway Home Group fellowship.


Darlene and I will continue to attend the Winsor Homegroup and at the same time extend an invitation to this new group.

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