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In years past we sang with gospel-treasure in our hearts, Jesus Christ is made to me All I Need. He is all I need. And I wondered aloud how I apply this meaning in my life and our church today.

In our last study, D. Ortlund, Surprised By Jesus, we studied the surprising reveal of Jesus Gospel mission in the four gospels. We saw how Jesus counter intuitive reveal destroyed the works of the Devil and pour common sense notions on righteousness and insiders, among others .

As in Colossia we too today face drift from our hearts disguised by reason transparent to our minds. Colossians needed correction that assured their hearts and minds that Christ is above all. Above all traditions of this world and vein philosophical positions that are not dependent upon the all sufficiency of Christ.

The Study: The Apostle Paul writes Collisions to a historical Church infiltrated by Gnostic Philosophy. Paul was Known for Doctrinal teaching that required a response from the heart.

Paul presents sound doctrine as:

  • a position to be followed by practice;
    • What we truly believe is in our manner of living representing the manifest presence of God to the world.
    • It is not a program of living but rather the manifest glory of God to the world.
  • truth followed by clarity in application
    • Our testimony of Jesus is our joy in our manner of living.

-One whose purpose is to magnify the name of Jesus is a joyful Christian.

-One who is consumed with God’s glory is a secure Christian.

-One who’s passion is the manifestation of the glory of God is a hungry yet truly satisfied Christian.

“Christ Above All”

LESSONS 1 to 5  (Colossians 1&2)  Clearly sets out the truth  about Jesus Christ.


L ESSONS 6 to10 (Colossians 3&4) Contain instruction for Christian Living walking in the Light of these truths.


This Biblical Study: “Christ Above All,”

Facilitator (Discussion Leader):  Terry Knock

Place: Undecided

Time: Wednesdays 7:30 Starting January 18, 2023.

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