Reverend Terry Penney
August 31, 2020
Reverend Terry Penney
Senior Pastor

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A link to our Sunday Live Stream

Each week, we livestream our services on youtube, which also gets linked to Facebook.  Each Sunday morning, you can find our livestream with a link posted directly on our Facebook page, or subscribe and watch live on our youtube channel!

Click here for Livestream

Some answers to common questions:

Q: Why can't I find the video on YouTube after the service is over?

A: Once the live stream is over, YouTube takes a few hours to process the video before showing it again. It will be shown on our channel again by Sunday evening. HOWEVER, the direct link posted to our facebook page will work anytime!

Q: Then why can't i just watch the stream here?  

A: Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't allow us to "embed" the video on our site unless we have over one thousand subscribers on our channel.  So until then, we can only watch it directly on their site.