Reverend Terry Penney
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Over 40 people are dead, hundreds are missing and over 70,000 are homeless after Hurricane Dorian battered the northwestern Bahamas.

hurricane dorian damageThe Category 5 storm slammed into the Bahamas on Sept 1 causing catastrophic damage.

Many people have left the island but some cannot afford to leave and survivors are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and so much more.

ERDO is partnering with Convoy of Hope to provide emergency supplies to families affected. Convoy’s International Disaster Services teams are in the Bahamas distributing:

• Food
• Clean water
• Temporary shelters
• Solar lights
• Hygiene supplies
• Clean up supplies

Will you join us in helping families who have lost so much?

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Please give generously!

You can give online at Kingsway, through Sunday offering, designating your donation to Hurricane Dorian, or through the link below:

Erdo Hurricane Dorian