Reverend Terry Penney
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Trust this finds you and all those at Kingsway Assembly in good health and enjoying God's blessings as you serve him and share his love in your vicinity.  Speaking of your love, I do want to thank you for your love and prayers and support afforded me for my mission again this year.  Indeed I will be in Kenya for five months so your support is much appreciated. 
Yes, I am busy packing my cases to leave on 17th February with a return on July 17th.  Initially, I will be living on campus at PAC University and picking up ministry in the Transformational Church Leadership (TCL) Department.  During the last part, I will move to the PAOC guesthouse area and fill in for Janice Foss who is coming to Canada for a short leave.  Of course, I will still engage with TCL work while giving necessary oversight for Janice.  The distance between them is not so great.
I spoke with Abigael, TCL Head of Department, the other day and she is looking forward to my coming with work lined up.  She mentioned in particular a review of the TCL Diploma curriculum as every five years this is necessary to keep up our accreditation status.  I am looking forward to that and also visiting new and old centers as well as engaging in teaching/preaching/leadership training events that come up and of course connecting with old friends and colleagues there.  
The university is a beehive of activity and ministry too as students at PAC are required to attend chapels and take part in small group Bible study groups regardless of the program of study they are taking.  The unviversity Bible and theology departments as well as Psychology and Counselling departments engage in local outreach missions in schools, prisons and even missions to far off communities. TCL has three PAC graduates serving as Regional Coordinators (in Western, Central, and Coast areas) who secure partnerships with local churches, promote leadership training, and engage with TCL students in those centers - a grassroots influence that is impacting the church in ways that are always described as transformational.  Pray that this influence is broadened further through the TCL programs offered online and even at Masters level in the coming days. Just the other day we got news of interest in the program in The Gambia.    
I trust this time I will be able to capture some of the amazing stories on a video of graduates of our TCL programs (certificate, diploma, and BA online) to share when I return so you can indeed appreciate the great things God has done and is still doing of which you have been and still are an important part.  We are a community of Jesus at work, not lone rangers in the Kingdom! 
God bless you and please continue to keep me in your prayers as I travel from here to there and travel about in varied ministry during my time in Kenya.  May there be much fruit for God's glory!
Serving under the canopy of Christ's love and amazing grace,