Care Team


Kingsway Care Ministry Team

Vision: The Care Ministry Team at Kingsway Assembly is a committed team of volunteers who will support the vision of being a loving church by helping those in need in and through our church family by praying one for another, by offering meals during difficult times, sending cards for special occasions, and by visiting our seniors, at home or in nursing homes, and those in hospital or home due to illness. This team serves the church, and at times the surrounding community, by offering practical and timely ministry.

Prayer Team

We have two dedicated prayer teams, the Altar Ministry team, and the Home Prayer team.

The Altar Ministry team will be engaged in pre-service prayer at 10 am, and during any prayer/ministry moments in the service, including worship time, and after the message, be available for one on one prayer as people respond, as directed by the pastors. The prayer team will support the pastors or other prayer team members as they pray for any who come forward and be available for continued prayer, to talk with and encourage those who are seeking help. Anointing oil is available at the front of the church and should be especially used for those who need healing. The focus of our prayer ministry will include salvation, healing, deliverance, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, encouragement and guidance. Resources for altar ministry will be made available and practical prayer ministry guidance will be provided a minimum of two times each year for team members.

The Home Prayer team will receive requests for prayer from the church office that have been submitted on behalf of or from people in need. They will be expected to intercede on behalf of those needs daily until they are directed otherwise by the office. Prayer requests will be received online, by email, as well as written and text. Except for emergencies, they will be sent to the prayer team on Mondays.

Care Team

The Kingsway Care team will be focused on helping and encouraging during times of struggle and need, as well as on special occasions. Major health issues, family crisis, a time of loss or transition, or an addition to the family. These are times when people may need someone to step up and bring some meals to help while the family gets back on its feet. Someone to help out with things around the house — from lawn care to grocery trips to giving a lift to an appointment. A special day such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, these are days to be recognized and acknowledged with a card. Our Care team will do it’s best to make people feel supported and blessed in times of need, as well as in those special moments that are of note.

Visitation Team

The Visitation team will be responsible in coordination with the Pastoral team to visit people who, during times of illness, recuperation from surgery, or because of age and mobility issues, are in the hospital, nursing homes, or confined to home, unable to attend church. During each visit, scripture reading or a brief devotional may be offered, as well as prayer and encouragement. A brief note or record of each visit should be made and submitted to the Pastor at the end of the month to keep him updated, and any urgent or critical needs that require immediate attention from the Pastor should be passed on to him directly. Prayer requests/needs can be passed to the office for the prayer team.


If you are interested in volunteering with any of these ministries, please click below or contact the church office.

 Care Ministry Volunteer